Stucco FAQ's
The following are questions that we have been frequently asked over the years. B&F Stucco would like to share these questions with you to help you have a better understanding of the stucco possibilities and solutions available for your project... We hope this helps you make a more educated decision. If you have a question you don't see here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Question: Can you clean Stucco? Answer: Yes. However, because of porosity in stucco, dirt and pollutants become impregnated in stucco over time and cannot be removed effectively.
Question: Can you paint Stucco? Answer: Yes. Paints do work well on stucco using a product that is made specifically for cement.
Question: Can you match textures? Answer: Yes. There is no problem in doing so. We are the most experienced company in matching textures and consider the craft of texture-matching one of our main strengths.
Question: Can you fix cracks? Answer: Yes we can. Normally we fix cracks when we are performing a recoating job. Most hairline cracks are not serious. If the structure has been previously painted, cracks can be repaired, but we cannot guarantee they will not come back. It is dependent on the source of the problem. This has been true in most of the cases that we have seen.
Question: If I have my home stucco recoated now, can an addition to the home be matched to the stucco recoating 3 to 5 years later? Answer: Yes. We can match an addition to your home. The best way is to accomplish this is to first complete all of your remodeling work and then stucco coat everything, if possible.
Question: What is the difference between cement stucco and dryvit? Answer: Cement stucco is basically cement exterior plaster and has been in use for over 8000 years. Most older homes have cement stucco applied on them. EIFS or dryvit product has been around in the US for approximately 30 years. It is a thin synthetic skin.
Question: Do you use EIFS, synthetic stucco or dryvit products? Answer: Yes.
Question: How long does a stucco job last? Answer: Our stucco work is usually good for 15 to 20 years, depending on environmental conditions.
Question: Is there a square-foot price? Answer: Yes. But it is determined by each situation. The price can vary by many factors including; thickness, texture, height of job, size of job, proximity to our warehouse, application and scaffolding required. For a more exact price, please contact us for a free estimate.
Question: How do you estimate work on existing stucco homes? Answer: After receiving your call or e-mail, we will arrange a site survey. We normally price work for repair or patching if there are isolated areas. If the work requires extensive patching or if the home has extensive damage, a simple repair order is not appropriate. We will then give an estimate based on repair and a total recoating of the entire home/ structure. On occasion, we have seen severe peeling paint problems. In these instances, we recommend recoating the entire home to properly fix and remedy this type of damage. We price on a per-job basis.
Question: How do you estimate work on new construction? Answer: We estimate our work from blueprints or from a new structure that has been recently built. Again- we price on a per-job basis.

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